Adam's Apple Fetish!?

Sun 20 May 2012 02:17:16 | 8 comments
Just wondering exactly how many of us here actually have an Adam's Apple Fetish?? What about it turns you on? Do you get hard just thinking about it or looking at one?? When did you first realize you had this desire? What do you really enjoy or like doing to a guys Adam's Apple?? Also; Fantasywise/Movie Material Only!:What do you fantasize that you could do (Anything Goes) that really gets your rocks off??? [--split--] tag


Personally the do nothing for me, I get off on having my hands around a neck <eg>
I myself actually get turned on by the mere thought or memorable image of an Adam's Apple sticking out from a guy's throat! I get so hard nomatter where I am if I happen to be looking around and notice a guy with that bulge or point below his chin that I can't help but, to stare as much as possible without being caught just to catch a glimpse of it jump up and down as my cock stiffens wanting to touch it, bite it, suck on it and rub my thumb over it!! I love the round bulge of a ping-pong ball size to the pyramid sized with the lustful V shape that comes to a sharp point just calling for the presents of my fingers and thumbs!! I honestly enjoy playing with another guy's Adam's Apple while he sucks me off or reach up and and do it while I suck on him and with his head back I slowly choke and strangle him into an intenified orgasm!! In my fantasy: I would like to be able to have a guy with a really huge Adam's Apple and while grinding our cocks together I would like to place my thumbs across the very tip of his Adam's Apple and and see just how far I can push it into the back of his throat and have it come back out !!!
Count me in !
Wow, this is awesome I thought I would never find others with the same fetish as myself. Please cum check out my facebook page. I have video and pics of some beautiful black men's throat/adams apple.
im laughing so hard
I love Adam's apples


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